The requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation for placement of advertising services credit consumer cooperatives of citizens in the media

09 january 2017, 22:53

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News of the FAS regions of Russia → Kemerovo OFAS Russia 28.05.2012 1605 Kemerovo oblast The Federal law dated 13.03.06, No. 38-FZ On advertising hereinafter, the Federal law On advertising and the Federal law of 18.07.2009 № 190-FZ About credit cooperation hereinafter - FZ About credit cooperation activities and advertising services consumer credit cooperatives of citizens, hereinafter kpkg must meet certain requirements. However kpkg in the Kemerovo region do not always respect the requirements established by the legislation. For example, in part to bring information to consumers in full when placing advertising in the media. Statistics show that most often a violation of article 5 of the General requirements for advertising and article 28 advertising of financial services FZ On advertising. According to part 1, paragraph 2, of part 2 of article 28 of the Federal law On advertising the advertising of financial services must contain the name or the name of the person providing these services also in accordance with this law, the advertising of financial services must not remain silent about the other conditions of providing such services affects the amount of income that will get utilized the services of a person or the amount of expenses which will incur using the services of a person if the advertisement contains at least one of these conditions. Failure to comply with the above requirements to advertising of financial services is one of the most common violations committed kpkg. In accordance with the Federal law On credit cooperation kpkg is a voluntary Association of individuals solely on the basis of membership and on territorial, professional or other principle in order to meet the financial needs of members of the credit cooperative shareholders. In this regard, the subject of activity of the cooperative is the joint conservation of personal funds of its members of mutual financial assistance-namely, the granting of loans to cooperative members. When advertising their services kpkg is not always brought to the consumer full information on their activities. So for example in advertising may not mention the information about what these services are provided only to members of the cooperative that the citizen becomes a full member of kpkg only after making their entrance and share contributions also does not specify the amount of those contributions. The lack of in-text ads kpkg information about the reception of personal savings in the Fund of mutual financial assistance to the members of the cooperative and the amount of the additional costs in the form of entrance and share contributions distorts the meaning of the information delivered to the consumer and mislead consumers with advertising that is contrary to part 7 of article 5 of the Federal law On advertising which forbids advertising which is not part

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