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09 january 2017, 22:51

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Post your news to millions of Internet users learned about your company. Regardless of your location and the language in which you speak with can be easily and effortlessly to reach your target audience of journalists, partners and investors around the world. Occupy the top ranks in the search results thanks to numerous news sites. The text of the press release is indexed by search engines instantly and replicating the plot of the news sites helps gain links which appear simultaneously with the content. Such links search engines perceive as natural. We also have a separate solution for obtaining high-quality external links through the dissemination of a press release. Reinforce visibility in the news publishing in the news, the most authoritative media. Regularly publishing news about your business in a well-known online publications, you are guaranteed to increase the visibility of the company among customers, partners, investors as well as among search engines. We also have a separate solution for increasing brand awareness in the media through the dissemination of a press release. Publish to the top resources will bring not only thousands of views but will also attract real traffic. Getting good coverage of your news by publishing on high-quality news resources you will be able to provide a semblance of news among potential customers partners investors and attract targeted traffic to your website. We also have a separate solution for attracting targeted traffic to the website through the dissemination of a press release. Without a flow of potential customers will not survive any business. Post content interesting to your target audience, thereby generating leads and convert them into sales. Place a long lasting content which is lost without a trace and continues to generate traffic. Save time with selecting only those sites which offer guaranteed publication. FROM, you can place news of your company on the websites of the leading news portals and news publications. FROM you can publish news only on those sites which are potentially interesting to your target audience. Pay only for guaranteed publication for the selected resources without any hidden fees or commissions. Professional managers are a guarantee of high effect and quality standards. Using the services of you can be confident that your news will receive wide coverage and you enjoy high-quality service. Valery Kornev PR Director

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