Roskomnadzor told the journalists how to cover elections and suicide //Our partners

09 january 2017, 22:51

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base gt The name of the representative from Moscow at the inauguration of Donald trump Became known as in 2017, would cost of gasoline in Russia In Antarctica discovered the ruins of a mysterious structure of gigantic proportions Grishkovets about the purchase of tickets to the movie Viking would be better if I lost this money Society 18 July 2016 0948 EN-online July 6 in the Central House of journalists held a seminar-meeting on issues of media coverage of acute political and social issues, taking into account the current legislation of the Russian Federation which was organized by the Union of NAI publishers in cooperation with the Association of distributors of printed materials in support of the Union of journalists of Moscow. The seminar was attended by over 30 people among whom were representatives of the parliamentary newspaper Interfax Moscow Komsomolets journal Journalist of the weekly Argumenty Nedeli weekly World news and others Leading the round table was President of the Union of Publishers NAI A.V. Avdonin. Opening the event A. V. Avdonin noted that the seminar aims to help journalists and publishers not to violate in the future, the legislation not only in relation to election coverage in the press but the publication of articles in political and social orientation and also to inform the gathered audience about what punishment may follow from regulatory and Supervisory authorities in respect of editors and journalists. The event made a presentation and answered participants ' questions the chief of Department of supervision in sphere of mass communications, Roskomnadzor, M. A. Kuznetsova. The representative of Roskomnadzor in its report, elaborated on the themes connected with media coverage of the election campaign and the issues concerning the description of the suicides. The reporter noted that journalists must follow the rules of equality between candidates, the reliability of dissemination. She drew attention to the fact that when publishing articles about candidates should not be added to the text editorial comments. Information about the candidate should go as a separate unit in the publication. It should be observed that the rule about free equal informing of all candidates without infringing on their rights. M. A. Kuznetsov, in his report based on the statistics recorded by Roskomnadzor of violations related to election campaigns indicated that the main error which leads to violations of provisions of law is the order of publication of campaign materials in mass media. Another common violation is to publish material outside the campaign period and election campaigning by persons who do not have

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