Publication of teaching materials with the issuance of the certificate of publication in the media

09 january 2017, 22:52

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Contests at the Federal level for teachers teachers educators. Profile and creative competitions for teachers teachers 35,000 participants Join A competition for schoolchildren, preschoolers children Teens. Interesting creative competitions. The Federal level of participation. Many winners Summary of teaching experience + Certificate with a mark about passage of editorial expertise. The ability to form to summarize and present advanced pedagogical experience is the most important indicator of the level of competence of the teacher. Colleagues At the Academy of Pedagogy, you can publish methodical materials and to obtain the Certificate of publication in the media on a national level with the mark about passing of editorial expertise. Teaching materials can be placed in headings Article Program Development training Development extra-curricular activities. Publication of meth.materials is not a competition. The manner of publication of teaching materials and a Certificate of the publication in the media. To embed teaching materials, should be sent to our email address the following documents In the e-mail subject specify the teaching materials. Text materials in Russian language in MS WORD format, font Times New Roman size 14 line spacing 15 PT text alignment on width. The material should correspond to the topics of educational publications and to contain the subject name of author title name of educational institution location of educational institution. The amount of payment for the publication of methodological материалов300 rubles the publication of material + electronic certificate for the publication in the media The certificate is issued individually for each author. The publication of the joint development of material to be paid each of the sponsors. For example 2 of the author guide the joint development of the article or program - payment for publication and the preparation of evidence will amount to 600 rubles. Download the application for the publication of teaching materials Payment and details The author's contract The submissions are reviewed and published within 2 calendar days. Electronic certificates are sent immediately after publication. In accordance with the Federal law of 25.07.2011 N261-FZ On protection of personal data of members are not published. When sending email, the author receives an automatic acknowledgment of the receipt of the letter in the mail box of the editorial Board of the Academy of Pedagogy. If You have not received notification should submit the materials for publication again. Before doing this make sure that auto answer is not caught in the Spam folder in your mailbox. In the certificate of publication in the media

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