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09 january 2017, 22:49

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Posting articles with links for website promotion in search engines better implement on niche sites or sites such as the media. Book posting articles on niche sites and media sites You can in the system Consider why such placement of the articles better. Search engines are struggling with the artificial link building in all possible ways. Companies owning search engines is not beneficial to the money that could go for buying contextual ads they have actually spent on buying links for site promotion. You should buy links so that they look as natural as possible. For that themed sites and media sites. In the first case, the naturalness obtained by the subject site. If You have a website about car rental in Moscow and You buy links on the website with an overview of vehicles i.e. both site themes Cars, it is natural. And if the link to Your website will be on the website about plastic Windows, No one in their right mind will post a link so it can not be considered natural. This link is literally screaming about what she bought. In the second case, the sites do not have a specific theme. Yes it is news but by the news They can touch total vehicles construction repair and so on. And all of these publications are a natural for media sites so that there can be and need to post articles with links. In addition to the natural links you can call the following are the advantages of posting articles with links on media sites Pad media is the quality and result is guaranteed by the naturalness of the links. Posting articles with links to media resources is the right choice for investment for external optimization

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