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09 january 2017, 22:53

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Read more On 6 December the Bank opened a new unit in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin. The first clients among whom were representatives of business and art were able to appreciate the luxurious interior of the financial institution.Read more An interview Rkotara Read more In an interview with Bloomberg, the President of the Bank Alexey Nefedov told about that in the coming years Ugra is waiting for the increase in assets of at least 30-35%.Read more President of JSC BANK of YUGRA A. G. Nefedov gave an interview to Kommersant in which on the eve of the International investment forum Sochi-2016 told about plans on development of the Bank's activities in the South of Russia and in other prospective regions of the country.Read more August 25, the news Agency TASS held a press-conference of the heads of the partners and sponsors of Night Hockey League on the launch of the VI all-Russian hockey Festival among Amateur teams.Read more The correspondent of the journal Banking review discussed the dependence of the Russian economy on oil prices providing support for small and medium businesses as well as the specifics of non-financial services in banks with Alexei Nefedov, President of JSC BANK of the UGRA.Read more Read more Read more The President of the Bank Alexey Nefedov in an interview with Kommersant FM. Russia is a priority for the Bank Yugra organization is projects abroad, said the President of the Bank Alexey Nefedov. In the framework of St. Petersburg international economic forum, he talked to economic commentator radio news Oleg Bogdanov.Read more In an interview with news Agency TASS which A. G. Nefedov gave in the framework held in Moscow on 10 June the all-Russian conference Night hockey League President confirmed the Bank's continued active participation of Ugra in the development of Amateur hockey in Russia.Read more Page

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