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09 january 2017, 22:52

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Lyudmila Iskovskikh consultant Agency PRStudio We will try to tell you about how in practice some methods of placing editorial content in the media. In textbooks you won't see it in the seminars you will not hear most of the professionals are guarding it as Know-How. But we have nothing to hide. Let us consider the situation from several sides. For simplicity, we only consider publishing in the print media or the Internet. AUDIENCE. This is the first and the most important point of the analysis. First you have to understand who your consumers and readers interested in who publications. To what extent do they coincide and If they are different how can you present information so that it became interesting to the readers If the readers are waiting for the analysis of trends in some markets you should share with the editors of your view of the situation. After all, none of the journalists know the market better than the professionals working on it. If readers want to be entertained and waiting to gossip and believe the information occasion you can think of for your company. Is it true that the Agency PRStudio only women work and clients-the advertisers - is also exclusively female in this type of press release respond to many journalists of non-core mass media. Because the topic and method of presenting information close readers of this type of publications. PRODUCT. What is so you can find the goods what it is interesting to know the reading public For any product you need to be able to look through the eyes of your customers. That was not Amateur better course to study the consumer's opinion about the product. Then you can specify the article or press release are the properties and quality of the goods which really can be interesting to readers. Well, for example, a computer description standard Assembly will be different to computer publications for women. How to write on the computer so that the information interested in women What qualities in the computer value to women If you know the answers to these questions or know how to get them to a huge audience of women's magazines - your. JOURNALISTS. Good relations with journalists - a huge competitive advantage. What gives such relationships awareness of the actions of competitors. A good journalist will always warn about how it was trying to buy competitors, and how he disagreed together you laugh at it. Journalist with whom you have a relationship with you will often ask for help in writing the article. And will help you to write an article about the novelties or changes in your company. How to achieve good relations Just. Do not reject the requests of the journalists. Give them information in the most complete volume on the subject as possible. Select the number of reputable journalists to whom you will give exclusive information

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