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09 january 2017, 22:48

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Each company has embarked on the path of sustainable development and willing to Express themselves to a wide audience is faced with the need to disseminate press releases on its activities. Publication of press releases in the media and on news sites increases the company's positive image brings new customers and also in case of the presence of links increases the position of website in search engines. OPTIONS PUBLISH NEWS OR PRESS RELEASE HOW IT WORKS SELECT THE REQUIRED SERVICES Writing press release- 4500 RUB. Writing a press release specialized subjects - 7000 RUB. A rewrite of a press release is 2000 RUB. Placing a press release in 10 news sites - 2700 RUB. Active link guaranteed publication Placing a press release in 20 news sites - 5200 RUB Active link guaranteed publication Placing a press release on 30 news sites - 7500 RUB. Active link guaranteed publication Sending out a press release on a common database of media - 8000 RUB. 7000 actual contacts of journalists and editors. Response response media queries. Sending out a press release specialized media - was 5500 RUB. We will send the news media who work in your industry Commercial publication of the press release in the media -Choose media Major news agencies RIA Novosti - 58400 RUB. Interfax - 16200 RUB. Regnum - 140000 RUB. BaltInfo - 16500 RUB. PRIME 59000 RUB. Pack of 10 press releases with the announcement on the main up to 3 hyperlinks PRIME 177000 RUB. Editorial with a mark According to the company... Federation news regions.ru - 32450 RUB. Press release Federation news regions.ru - 98600 RUB. The material on the main news RBC - 41500 RUB. Section Auto or Property RosBalt - 70800 RUB. Utro.ru - 87000 RUB. Ridus.ru - 60000 RUB. Lenta - 125000 RUB. NEWSru.com - 98000 RUB. Gazety - from 15000 RUB. Deposit period - 1 day Gazety - 65000 RUB. Placement period - 1 week Network media Gosrf.ru - 24000 RUB. Niros.ru - 24000 RUB. JustMedia.ru - 11000 RUB. Solovei.info - 18000 RUB. Infox.ru - RUB 58400 APN.ru Agency of political news - 19000 RUB. LifeNews.ru - 150000 RUB. Article with announcement on main page KM.ru - 58000 RUB. Dni.ru - 50000 RUB. Interviews opinions news Dni.ru - 72000 RUB. News in the top 4 KP.ru Komsomolskaya Pravda - 66000 RUB. Article with announcement on main photo KP.ru Komsomolskaya Pravda - 132000 RUB. Article with announcement on main photo Free press - 110500 RUB. VZ.ru Look - 59000 RUB. Segodnia.ru Today was 9600 RUB. With the broadcast in Yandex.News Utro.ru Morning - 76800 RUB. Fedpress.ru FederalPress - 15000 RUB. Pravda.ru to 42,000 RUB. TOPnews.ru - 65000 RUB. News for 1 week TOPnews.ru - 15800 RUB. The news for 1 day The source.ru - 17700 RUB. Press release The source.ru - 23600 RUB. News in the news The source.ru - 53100 RUB. Article or announcement on the home in the form of a teaser Tribuna.ru - 27500 RUB. Newsland.ru was 10000 RUB. Press release Newsland.ru - 50000 RUB. Article with announcement on main 1 day NEWS.BCM.ru - 4000 RUB. News NEWS.BCM.ru - 6000 RUB. Article

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