Coursework: Advertising in print media

09 january 2017, 22:53

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The contents 1. Print advertising 1.1 the Effectiveness of advertising in the press 1.2 Types of advertisement in print media 1.3 Main types of publications 1.4 the Cost of advertising in print media 1.5 Advantages and disadvantages of advertising in print media 2. Placement of advertising layout Conclusion Bibliography 1. Print advertising Print advertising is one of the main channels of distribution of advertising appeals. Print ads along with television, radio advertising and outdoor advertising is the most important form of advertising. Evidence of this is how the history of advertising and advertising budgets. What print advertising used to be a model for other types of advertising. It focuses exclusively on the target audience but is not always possible to achieve a visible effect. Using advertising in print media the customer automatically determines the target group of consumers. Advertising in the press can be divided into two groups of advertisement and publication review-advertising which include various articles reporting carriers sometimes direct and sometimes indirect information. For the advertising campaign in the press it is necessary to clearly determine its purpose and depending on this selected edition of the volume and intensity of advertising. To choose the publication to publish the advertisement must be clear about the target audience which will be directed to this announcement. It significantly reduces costs. 1.1 the Effectiveness of advertising in the press The effectiveness of advertising in the print media are time-tested. From the Newspapers and magazines people have used to get the meaningful information. Daily Newspapers are read for the purpose of receiving reviews of recent events, glossy magazines serve for a pleasant stay. In any case, unlike outdoor advertising on vehicles or billboards which the person reads on the run posted in print promotional materials, readers can browse leisurely. In the specialty segment experts often assess the effectiveness of advertising in any printed publication studying the subject of the publication. The presence and size appropriate headings permanence of advertising specific advertisers gives a good signal for placement in this edition. The development and persistence of the corresponding column width is represented advertisers on similar subjects makes consumers increasingly turn to the media for selection of goods or services comparing prices contact details. 1.2 Types of advertisement in print media There are two main types of advertising in the media is a modular and text ads. Sometimes also consider the third type of inserting promotional leaflets distributed in Newspapers and magazines. However

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