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09 january 2017, 22:53

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chronicle | other media | special projects | GALLERY | Migrant English | Sbicca | RSS archive search | communication with editorial | advertising | video | mobile version YouTube Facebook | Twitter | VK | OK | LJ 9 January 2017 Gallery.Fergana.Ru, Photos of Tashkent for the Sixth quarter residential district Chilonzor January 2017 RUSWEB Russia was in the top 5 most dangerous countries for journalists Newspaper.Ru Turkey may hold referendum on Constitution in early April Asia-plus Head of CSR of Tajikistan with a High level of freedom of speech for undeveloped States harmful RIA Novosti the Yamal waiting for permission to fly to Tajikistan Gallery Fergana Lola Karimova-Tillaeva on the red carpet Golden globe awards pictures Chronicles of Turkmenistan, Turkmen Fleeing from Paradise Ozodlik Released from prison, the former Director of the company Zeromax was Mirodil of Jalolov Nur.Kz Kazakhstan has blocked the website with a petition against the temporary registration Newspaper.The bonds Closed in 2006, the highway M-39 linking Tashkent and Samarkand will be opened soon Asia-plus has Left the life of former President of Iran Ozodi Know our Jurby Whose socks gave Kirkorov and Galkin The UN news center Most labour migrants work in the service sector News Immigration Amnesty will shade half of illegal immigrants Kommersant, the Moscow police explained the withdrawal of the employee's child the citizen of Uzbekistan Informburo In the national security Committee of Kazakhstan opened a hotline to receive reports related to terrorist threats Novaya Gazeta In Moscow, police seized the employee's child the citizen of Uzbekistan details Whether to Build Azattyk Kyrgyzstan jointly with China railway Force Pakistan to stop the special military courts Ozodlik Reported resignation from the post of first Deputy head of the NSS of Uzbekistan Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan 09.01.2017 0001 msk Economy Kazakhstan Human rights Interview Laws Emergency in the mining village of Shakhan, Karaganda region of Kazakhstan was forced once again to recall the unenviable fate of small localities of the country. What to do with more than two dozen abandoned small towns some people are leaving for good and the rest are killed by the crumbling infrastructure 08.01.2017 1702 msk Migration Russia Tajikistan Religion More recently, the native of Tajikistan, an ethnic Tatar Anvar Lakshin was an atheist and did not even think about visiting a mosque. A few years ago he went from Tajikistan to Russia. But a new homeland there and not found. A series of life's troubles forced him to return to Tajikistan and brought in Islam. Anver took

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