Advertising in the media

09 january 2017, 22:52

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Phone advertising отдела3412 330-043 email Driving directions One day in the life of human consumers of hereafter h h wakes up in the morning turns on the radio and hears Your ad. On the way to work, he again listens to the radio again and hear Your video. On the way he acquires fresh issue of the newspaper flips through it and puts aside to read in a spare moment. In the afternoon this time comes and the paper is subjected to a more thorough study on the second page of the newspaper h sees Your ad module. The working day is over. H goes home and from the speakers the radio again to hear information about Your company and product. And the house sit back with delight watching your favorite programs. Tonight he has a couple of time sees Your ad and thinks about that instead of whether to purchase Your product Advertising effectively We placed on TV channels First ORT Russia GTRK Udmurtiya STS -Izhevsk, NTV, TVC, TNT New Region REN-TV My Udmurtia. We post on radiostanciyah Russian radio Russian news service Dynamite GTRK Udmurtiya Russia Radio Europe+, Vintage Adam radio My Udmurtia Echo of Moscow radio Radio Record Leader mail anthology television News Your Leisure TV program first hand Work You All housing Izhevsk From hand to hand Work today, the Arguments and facts in Izhevsk Penny Life Izhevsk construction of the Center Antenna All channels TV autovitrina of Izhevsk Success each Udmurtskaya Pravda Izvestia UR Komsomolskaya Pravda in Udmurtia, the Business journal the Secrets of beauty and health, Business reputation, Business square, etc. Back

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